Welcome to my literal dumping ground.

Here’s the thing… my brain doesn’t work linearly. While a couple girlfriends may be about the most effective way to lose weight, my brain will take that left turn: “incidentally did you ever consider that one yoga swing and what it could do in the bedroom?  This could really make things exciting!” Some find it quirky. Endearing. Some find it utterly annoying. That’s fine. In fact, it may improve! This is a forum to speak my mind, keep things real and getting rid of any filters that keep my writing easy and safe. I am here to help find some answers, examine some spicy topics, unearth dusty ones, share stories, and entertain you.

My name is Krissy Jana and I’ve got a few things to share from this head of mine.  Born and raised in California, I currently live in the Bay Area. I’m a wife, a mom of two teen boys, and a teacher. My husband has a rare crazy disease and my kids have special needs. On occasion, I hope to use this blog to help others with similar needs as much as any parents or teachers looking for help with education issues. Don’t let that mislead you though, this is no formal educational resource and it’s definatley not for naive readers.

Subscribe to come back and visit often.  Let’s have some fun by interacting! Comment on posts, ask me any questions and challenge me as you see fit. If you want to explore a subject, let me know and I will look into it and write!  Most importantly, please SHARE incidentally.org with your friends and any (appropriate) family members. Let me serve you. You will be happy to find some surprises along the way!


Krissy J.

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